Drobo Elite 

DroboElite offers the best data storage experience ever for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and departments looking to consolidate storage across multiple servers. Featuring eight-drive capacity, multi-host support, dual iSCSI ports, and up to 255 Smart Volumes, DroboElite delivers features and performance traditionally reserved for more expensive solutions.

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DroboPro FS

DroboPro FS is an eight-drive storage array designed to deliver the best file sharing and offsite backup experience for small businesses. By combining “plug and share” simplicity with Drobo Sync for automated backup, DroboPro FS is perfect for any small office environment that needs network storage and offsite backup without complexity. 



DroboPro is a storage array that manages itself. DroboPro is a rackmountable/desktop eight-drive storage array that protects against two simultaneous drive failures. Capacity expands by adding/replacing drives. DroboPro’s BeyondRAID technology allows mixing different sized drives without sacrificing capacity. Connect to server via iSCSI/FireWire800/USB. It supports up to 16, 16TB volumes (LUNs). Includes iSCSI initiator and backup software.

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 Drobo FS

Drobo FS is a five-drive storage array designed to deliver the best file sharing experience for connected home, home office, and small office environments. Featuring automated data protection and the ability to add capacity and features as needed, Drobo FS delivers true plug and share network storage without complexity.

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  Drobo S

 Drobo S offers the best data storage experience ever for creative professionals and small businesses with "set it and forget it" storage needs. Featuring five-drive capacity with single- or dual-drive redundancy, a triple interface that includes USB 3.0, and the ability continually add capacity as larger drives become available, Drobo S is ideal for addressing growing storage requirements in performance demanding environments.

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Drobo protects data from drive failure, allows incremental capacity increases, and eliminates the complexities of RAID based systems. Connects via FireWire 800 or USB 2.0. You can start with two drives and grow to four. To increase capacity, just add a drive, or replace a drive with a larger one.

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